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Dizzines Records

Dizzines Records was founded in 2011 by producer Blakoke.

As an alternative to the commercial tags of the Breakbeat genre being more underground from the south of Spain.

Special for their songs bangers and their songs outside the current style starting the mainstream.

Here have debuted or edited many of the current breakbeat tops of the world being part of the history of breakbeat.

Always evolving as a resilient company facing the future, adapting to each change in the industry and always thinking about Breakbeat and how to further enhance it as a musical genre.

Renowned for their groundbreaking productions and unique sound, Dizzines Records has carved a niche for themselves within the Breakbeat community. Their tracks are known for their infectious energy, guaranteed to make any dancefloor erupt.

Dizzines Records has played a pivotal role in shaping the history of Breakbeat, introducing and promoting many of the genre's current chart-toppers. With an impressive roster of artists, the label continues to push the boundaries of the Breakbeat sound, constantly evolving and innovating.

Whether you're a devoted Breakbeat enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Dizzines Records offers an authentic and refreshing experience. Discover the cutting-edge sounds that have solidified Dizzines Records' reputation as a key player in the Breakbeat scene, and join the global movement that celebrates their contributions to this vibrant musical genre now working on loops and sample packs for the Breakbeat Community.

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