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I, DarĂ­o (Gosize), started in music at the age of 8. My family has been dedicated to music for several generations, and I grew up surrounded by guitars. My grandfather, a rock drummer who still has his own studio, is a true rocker, hahaha. I started with Hip Hop, or what is now known as Trap. Back then, it had a different term, Dirty South. It just so happened that I met another producer from the industry in my school when I was 12. Today, he works with famous trap artists and radios.

That's how I began my first studio at the age of 14-15, where I recorded rappers from my city, created beats, and worked on mixing and mastering, all at an affordable price. I was always the entrepreneur of the area. I had a vague memory of my aunt who used to come to my house at 8 am when I was a child, playing loud, dark, noisy music. I was already familiar with rock from a young age; I listened to Slipknot (yes, I'm a metalhead deep down, frequenting those types of pubs) and punk fashion, and so on.

Returning to the topic, that noisy music, "Breakbeat," began to awaken a lot of curiosity in me. In 2010, in my new studio, I decided to give it a try and released two songs that I'm not proud of, hahaha. From there, I started creating "Gosize," which initially became "Blakoke." But I was unfortunate enough to let myself be influenced by others in the genre for a long time, when the solution had always been in my childhood: metal, rock, that noisy, dark music, "Breakbeat."

I started publishing and entering contests, winning many of them in Spain. Until one day, Breakspoll nominated me for the Best Producer of the Year in their last physical edition. That was the sign for me to fully dedicate myself to this. I wandered among record labels that either ripped off artists or weren't qualified individuals. So, I decided to start my own label, "Dizzines Records." Today, if we look at the Beatport stats, it's one of the top 100 in the history of "Breakbeat."

I'm proud of my baby; I've spent many years on it, and I, too, fell into the same trap that I wanted to escape from: record labels that function like a bakery, focusing on quantity over quality.

But over the years, I learned that money isn't important; it's the style, the essence, and the community.

That's why a significant part of my content is now free and always available, to avoid falling into that temptation that only disturbs the real essence of my youth. I have had some notable successes, such as "Gangsta Twerk," released by "Twerk Nation." That track has been my life's trick for infinite money, hahaha, and it's what has mostly kept me going for many years, even six years later.

I have released music through Breakbeat labels like IBWT, Ravesta, Toast Jam, Spektra, Music Dark Records, and several others that I can't remember off the top of my head. As for Trap, Trap Party, Trap Nation, and Arabic Trap. But all of that doesn't matter to me. I make music to vent; it has always been the cure for all my problems and a solution to many of them. It's my life.

And if you ask about the future, well, I'm already an older gentleman. The crazy days are over, and not long ago, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (it's tough).

and I don't live like I used to, and that has changed me as a person and my perspective on things. I used to be a money-hungry kid, but now I'm a man with a unique way of forgetting about everything through my music production. Instead of seeking fame, I'm trying to evolve into the background where I'm building my own Sample Packs company and an academy to teach the new generations how to create the most classic Breakbeat.

As for the future, it depends on the audience whether I stay in the spotlight for longer or transition into a more business and academic role.

I actually hung up my headphones a few years ago, but that's something that will depend more on the audience than on me."

breakbeat artist the masterline

The Masterline

I started when I was just 10 years old, watching a friend's uncle play vinyl records. Intrigued by the art of DJing, I eagerly took up the challenge of learning and honing my skills. The more I practiced, the more I fell in love with the craft, and soon enough, I desired to not only mix tracks but also create my own music.

Luck was on my side when someone gifted me a music production software in 2003, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for me. With this newfound tool, I embarked on my journey as a music producer. It was an exciting time filled with experimentation, learning, and countless hours spent perfecting my sound.

In 2004, I decided to share my passion with others and started organizing raves for my friends. Operating under the name DJ Pinta, these events quickly gained popularity, becoming a vibrant part of the nightlife scene in Seville. The energy, the music, and the camaraderie we shared on those nights were truly unforgettable.

As time went on, my artistic vision evolved, and in 2010, I made the decision to rebrand myself as The MasterLine. This marked a new chapter in my career as I released my first two tracks, "Beat Champion" and "Conga." These releases showcased my unique style and solidified my position as a distinctive artist within the music industry.

Throughout the years, I had the privilege of working with the esteemed Dizzines Records label, which provided a platform for my music to reach a wider audience. Together, we built a repertoire that exemplified my signature sound, captivating listeners and earning recognition within the industry.

The journey from a 10-year-old fascinated by vinyl records to an established artist under the name The MasterLine has been a remarkable one. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had, the experiences I've gained, and the unwavering support from my fans and peers. As I continue to evolve as an artist, I am excited to see what the future holds and to share my passion for music with the world.